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Favorite North American Cities  Through the years of touring and travel, I have compiled a list of my favorite North American Cities. This list will contain: Hotels, Restaurants, and links to various attractions and places of interest.

Colen's Corner A new online diner's guide for the traveling connoisseur. Current issue:  VOLUME 1 ISSUE 3  (APRIL 2000)

Photo Collection  A collection of photos taken from interesting places around the world.

Spotlight on New York  Some favorite New York City Sights with links to general information. 

Link to Slaughter Web-Site  This is the official web-site for the band. It contains personal & album info, sound bytes, photo's, fan club info, tour dates, and links to additional Slaughter or music sites.

Personal Notes & Road Reports  This will contain: photo's from the road, reports from the road, anecdotes, interesting facts and relevant issues.

Slaughter Tour  Dates  These dates are subject to change and are unconfirmed.

Jeff's Resume  If you want to learn more about my background; this will explain how I got into the music industry, and take you through (chronologically) my music projects.

Sights From the Orient  Here are some photos from my trip to the Orient (with my dad) from April 27 - May 20, 2000.

Journal from the Orient  I kept a daily journal from my trip to the Orient. I'm in the process of publishing it to the web. It will take a bit of time to publish the entire journal. 

Photos From Europe  Here are some photos from my trip to Europe (with my dad) from April 26 - May 16, 2001.

Photos from Maui  Here are some photos from my trip to Maui (with my friend Steve, his wife Kathy, and his children Michael and MacKenzie) from Feb. 16 - 26, 2002.

Photos from New Orleans  Here are some photos from my trip to New Orleans (for a wedding) from November 6 - 10, 2002.


Photos from Ben Harper European Tour 2003  This page contains photos from the Ben Harper European Tour 2003.   (Oct. - Dec.)  I was on tour with Ben for the summer 2003 leg as well.


Photos from Ben Harper European Summer Tour 2004  This page contains photos from the Ben Harper Summer European Tour 2004.   (May - July)


Photos from European Trip with My Dad 2005   This page contains photos from my Trip to Belgium, France, and Spain with my dad. (April 11 - 24, 2005).


NEW PAGE    Artistic Photography Page   This page will include some of my current photography. It will contain photo info and EXIF data. (exposure info).




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